Former Navy pilot claims to have seen UFO’s off the Virginia Coast for 2 years! ~ CASH {Watch}

They’re here! I knew it.

That’s according to former Navy Lt. Ryan Graves. Graves claims to have seen UFOs flying in restricted airspace off the coast of Virginia for 2 years dating back to 2019.

Didn’t they announce a year ago that ufos are real? They did, nobody batted an eye. Now, you’ve got a legit Navy pilot telling you, “I’ve seen em and they may be a security risk!”

In his interview, Graves said that if those flying devices would have been tactical jets from another country, that would have been a giant problem. The former Navy Lt. said because of our lack of knowledge, we’re not willing to address the issue. We’ll continue to ignore the fact that there are some weird things flying around our skies.

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