Just as I suspected, the US Navy has confirmed they have tracked UFOs at the depths of the ocean! {Watch}

I knew it! Don’t you remember “The Abyss” starring Ed Harris, via 1989? They find extra-terrestrial life at the bottom of the ocean. If you haven’t seen “The Abyss” you gotta check it out.

Keep telling yourself that there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation to this because there isn’t. Riddle me this Batman, how is it that we can send a robot to Mars to take pictures and explore, which is amazing, right? However, how come we’ve never explored the bottom of the ocean?

Even more interesting…It takes a guy like James Cameron, you know, “Titanic” and “Avatar” to explore the depths of the ocean. Where Elon Musk and Richard Branson? These two have invested crazy money into space travel but seem not to care about what’s going on in the ocean.

The navy calls these crafts, USOs, unidentified submerged objects. The USS Omaha just got some crazy footage back in July of 2019 off the coast of San Diego. Check it out!