Video Shows Ghostly Image in Haunted Texas Hotel! {Watch}

Woah, hold up! Did you see that?

Let me guess, it’s lighting, right? Get out of here with that! That’s a ghost and there’s nothing you can tell me that’ll convince me otherwise.

Let’s take a trip to Seguin, Texas. That’s where you’ll find the old Magnolia Hotel. The room was empty when the disturbance happened on Saturday, May 22nd. Owner, Erin Ghedi said that’s where all the spirits hang out, especially the kid spirits because that’s where all the toys are. Just so that I understand, the owner, Erin, knows this place is haunted and she chooses to stick around?

The hotel was built in the 1840s and it has been used for several reasons, a brothel, boarding house, and the basement served as the Seguin jail.

According to the owner, the ghost in the video is Emma. Emma is supposed to be among the dozen or so ghosts that claim the Magnolia Hotel as their own.

Ghedi says she rents out the room to guests who are brave enough to sleep with ghosts. Check out the full story here.