Chef Tobias talks about the Cicada and Grasshopper Tacos craze in Northern Virginia. {Listen}

Taco Tuesdays will never be the same!

There’s a Mexican food restaurant in northern Virginia, Leesburg, called “Cocina on Market” and they’re catching some national attention from their Cicada Tacos. Chef Tobias is the mastermind behind the creation and he spent some time with me discussing bugs and how much protein and nutritional value they can provide humans. If, you’re open to the idea of eating bugs. In addition to Cicada Tacos, you can also get down on grasshopper tacos. This is only the beginning, according to Chef Tobias. Have a listen!

For a limited time, only you can get down on the sauteed cicadas topped with serrano chile, avocado, and radish in a mole Verde sauce, all wrapped in a beautiful tortilla.