CREATIVE OR CREEPY? A Guy Found a Way to Send Notes on Netflix After His Ex Blocked Him on Social Media! – Big Red

So this may be one of the craziest, borderline stalkerish stories you’ll ever hear.

There was a woman name Carmen who found out her boyfriend was cheating, so naturally did what most people would do if a significant other was cheating, she broke up with him, blocked his number, and blocked him on all social media.

And of course… the story should end there, right? Nope! The guy continued to deny that he did anything of the sort and wanted to continue to tell her and plead his case, but since she had blocked him from EVERYTHING, he had no way to contact her.

So he went the extra mile, and decided to write her notes via Netflix.

Since they were still sharing an account, he decided to write notes via the five profiles you can have associated with a Netflix account (you know, the opening screen when you log on to Netflix). He kept changing the names, so it would spell out a note. Even though the notes were in Spanish, some of the notes translates into…

“I swear I’m innocent”… another one says, “I love you” and the last one says “Please talk to me on WhatsApp”… Even though this sounds very creepy, and borderline stalking – this guy is definitely persistent.

We aren’t sure if she ever reached back out, but hopefully they figure something out soon before something crazier happens!

– Big Red