Going Viral: What Are These People Chanting? {WATCH}

It seems like every few years, something confuses the entire internet. In 2015, it was “The Dress” . . . and in 2018, it was the audio clip that sounded like both “Yanny” and “Laurel.”

And now, there might be a worthy successor.

Last weekend, TikTok user @kegan_stiles shared an audio clip of people chanting a phrase over and over again. It’s garbled, so it’s difficult to hear what they’re saying.

The clip went viral, with people all over the internet responding with what they’re hearing . . . and some of the suggestions include:

  • “Bart Simpson Bouncing”
  • “Rotating Pirate Ship”
  • “That Isn’t My Receipt”
  • “Lobsters in Motion”
  • “That Is Embarrassing”
  • “Lactates in Pharmacy”
  • “I’m Chasing Martian”
  • “Baptism Piracy”
  • “That Isn’t Mercy”

Take a listen:

@kegan_stiles#BestSeatInTheHouse #PerfectAsWeAre #foryou #fyp #trend #kegan Here’s another one!♬ That Is Embarrassing – Derby County FC FanChants & DCFC Fans Songs

Some users have pointed out that the chant is likely “That Is Embarrassing.” It’s something that fans of a British soccer team shout. The team is the Derby County Football Club, and they’re based in Derbyshire, England.

You can hear the fans chanting it, here.)

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