Giant Gator strolls through South Carolina neighborhood like he owns the place. {Watch}

The idea of walking outside to something that can eat you is insane! From time to time in the southwest, you’ll be greeted by a rattlesnake in your garage, which is horrifying enough. But a gator? C’mon man!

How does this guy just show up out of nowhere?

Margie Meek posted the video on your Facebook page and it reads, “Look what I came home to. Right outside my neighbor’s house. Omg,” she wrote. Margie, whatdya nuts? Get outta there! This is the second gator video I’ve seen from the weekend. There was another circulating on the internet of a gator chilling out at Myrtle Beach. Literally, chilling out on the beach. Some of the comments, “don’t mind him, it’s just hot outside.”

Thankfully Margie was braver than me and stuck around to get some great video. For the full story, click here. Check it out!