Jason Aldean and Wife Brittany Will Be ‘Popping in and Out of’ Upcoming Reality Show

Jason Aldean recently shot down rumors that he and Brittany would star in a Real Housewives of Nashville show but that doesn’t mean we won’t see him appear on it!

Jason was on The Ty Bentli Show on Apple Music Country, where he said that he and Britney are planning to make a few cameos to support their friends.

“Well, it was rumored that we were going to be a part of this, some reality TV show that’s happening here in Nashville. And to be honest, we talked to them about it,” he said. “They were interested in having us on the show, and I think Britt and I just kind of talked, and for us personally, it wasn’t the right kind of thing.”

“Our life is pretty good. I feel like a lot of times those shows are full of drama, and things that I didn’t really want to bring into our life,” he continued. “And also, just have people in our house all the time. So we got some friends of ours that are part of it, we’ll probably be popping in and out on some things I’m sure just by association. But the nice thing is we can always leave and go back home and get away from it when we want to, so it’s kind of the best of both worlds.”

The friends rumored to be starring on the show are Jason’s sister, Kasi, who is married to Chuck Wicks, as well as Jana Kramer.


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