Dude plays the guitar with his feet better than most can play with their hands! {Watch}

This is probably the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

As a musician, kind of, it takes years playing to be able to handle a piece like “Sweet Child O’Mine” and this guy just played it with his feet. I’ll strum “Proud Mary” when I’m messing around on the guitar, but this guy rips into a GNR song with his feet, and nails the solo!

I’m done listening to any excuse anyone may have when it comes to not accomplishing something in their life because of hardship. I know things get hard, but this guy should be proof that nothing is impossible. He’s playing the guitar with his feet! This is Johnatha Bastos from Brazil. In addition to playing the guitar, Johnatha can also play the piano with his feet

Who knows? Maybe one day we can watch Johnatha shred his guitar here in Hampton Roads. I would be there. Check it out!