Cash Took on Tabb Middle School Students in a Nerf Blaster War {WATCH}

Cash challenged Tabb Middle School to a Nerf Blaster War after reading about how their STEM Department worked with ECPI and the engineers at Hasbro to create a nerf blaster for Yorktown resident Zoey Hale.

The Nerf blaster war went down Thursday morning at 10 at Tabb Middle School. In addition to celebrating the end of a school year, the goal was to highlight the Tabb Middle School STEM Departments’ hard work and determination.

The STEM Department also created a Unicorn Glitter Blaster Horn that Zoey can attach to her prosthetic and shower everyone with purple glitter.

Cash said, “I would like to think I was initiated into the club on Thursday morning. I accept my defeat, but I’ll be back for more!”

Special thanks to Yorktown School, Tabb Middle School, Katherine Goff, Heather Young, and Chelsie Fox for help making it all happen.