Genius Tic Tok’er tried on a dog shock collar and you know what happens next. ~ {Watch}

There’s an old John Wayne meme that I see circulating around social media from time to time. I’m not even sure if the duke was ever even quoted in saying it, but it sounds like something he would say. “Life is hard, even harder when you’re dumb.” This brings me to today’s top video.

My favorite part of the video is when she warns her viewers to not try this at home because it isn’t safe. Listen, the one thing that I do appreciate about this video is at least she now knows that this collar could really hurt a dog if it’s cranked up real high. It’s like when you’re a cop, you have to get tased in order to carry the taser. If you want to put your dog in a shock collar, know how it feels to get shocked.

At least at the end of the day, she accomplished her mission of going viral. For the full story, click here.