Furry Friday: Over 100 Rabbits in Virginia Beach Need Homes!

Rabbits, Rabbits, and, more Rabbits! Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center took in over 100 rabbits this week. Yes, no typo. 🤯

Many adorable pets bunnies.

If you are ready to adopt a bunny (or two?) the first group will be available this weekend.

May be an image of rabbit and indoor

Send Jessica an email at [email protected] to get more information on how you can add one of these bunnies to your family.

All of these rabbits are easy to handle and very cute mixed breeds!

If you’d like to help but aren’t in a position to adopt we will need supply donations!

*leafy green veggies 🥬

*rabbit toys

*ceramic crocks

*oxbow young rabbit food

*oxbow rabbit treat

*grass hay (if you’re a local horse person and would like to drop off a bale we would love that!)

*plastic travel carriers!

Items may be shipped directly to the shelter at 341 Birdneck Rd South Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Or check out their Amazon wishlist here.