VB Veterinarian Rescues Fawn Found with Eyes Covered in Ticks on Eastern Shore {VIDEO}

Brad Nadelstein and his wife Sommer were dropping off their son at camp recently when a baby deer darted out in front of their car, obviously scared and unable to see. They got out to help and the poor deer was infested with ticks in both eyes!

They shot a video of Nadelstein cradling the fawn in his arms and Sommer narrating, “So, we stopped due to the traffic, and this is why. The fawn couldn’t see. Talk about stopping in front of the right car. Her eyes are embedded with ticks on both sides, she was panicked,” Sommer said.

That “right” car happened to be driven by a Virginia Beach Veterinary Ophthalmologist named Dr. Nadelstein who works at Animal Eye Care of Virginia. He called Gay Frazee who operates Wildlife ER Education and Rehabilitation in Jamesville in Northampton County and delivered the deer to their facility.

According to WAVY 10, she spent several hours over days removing between 500 and 1,000 ticks. Frazee says the fawn, now known as “The Nadelstein Deer,” will be returned to the wild.

If you would like to help you can send donations via Paypal at [email protected]
or mail to Wildlife ER PO Box 145 Jamesville, VA 23398