Blake Shelton Once Intervened in An Attempted Robbery

On this day in 2007, Blake Shelton intervened in an attempted robbery at his uncle’s house!

According to The Boot, Blake caught an intruder in his uncle’s house and detained the drunken man himself until police arrived. The man was charged with first-degree burglary and public intoxication.

Celebrity Cheat Sheet filled in some more details on this wild story saying, “At around 11 p.m. (Blake’s uncle) awoke to a large stranger in his house. He called his sister, Dorothy Shackleford, Shelton’s mom, and told her what was occurring. It’s unclear why he called her instead of the police, but perhaps in this small town, nearby family was the faster option. Luckily Shelton was in town at the time and he and his mother hopped in their truck to go help.”