Carnival attendees come together to prevent ride from tipping over! {Watch}

Back when I was a little kid there wasn’t much that would top the feeling that you would get when you would see the giant trucks with the carnival rides parked in the vacant mall parking lot. A good time was about to go down that weekend. The little things in life, right? What happened to them?

Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I was in a town where a carnival cruised into town. It happens all the time in the southwest and I’m sure in every small town in America. I remember there being a small carnival over by Mount Trashmore. Is it still up? If so, I need to take my kids.

As for the rides. nope, no thanks! Here’s something we oughta do. Let’s compare the craziest carnival rides with some of the more insane roller coasters in America. I would bet, the carnival rides can hold their own. Some of these rides seem like someone stayed up real late with a notepad and came up with the craziest ideas they could, then build it.

Not sure what kind of malfunction happened here, but I’m sure glad that folks decided to jump into action to makes sure their brothers and sisters were going to be ok. For the full story, click here. Check it out!