27lb Cat Up For Adoption at Chesapeake Humane Society Goes Viral on TikTok

One of Chesapeake Humane Society’s newest cattery residents, Mrs. Patmore, has made a splash in the Tik Tok universe and has gone viral!

Mrs. Patmore is a clever lady who has tricked her humans into giving her way too many snacks. She is 27 lbs and CHS is signing her up for feline Weight Watchers so she can shed off those extra pounds!

Chesapeake Humane Society says, “She has enjoyed the company of our staff, despite the fact that we double as her life and fitness coaches. We’re all rooting for Mrs. Patmore to reach her weight loss goal so she can be the best and healthiest cat she can be. In the meantime, we make sure she gets the love and attention she needs to feel good about herself.”

With almost 170K likes and over 1000 comments, Mrs, Patmore has a lot of fans on TikTok.

Follow along on Mrs. Patmore’s journey and for cat weight loss tips.



We are so excited to get fit with Mrs. Patmore. It will be a long journey, but it will be so worth it! ##cat ##loaf ##adopt ##catsoftiktok ##humanesociety

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Did you know…

Cats that are overweight are prone to diseases such as diabetes and arthritis so making sure that your cat is a healthy weight is vital for their wellbeing. A healthy cat is a happy cat! Getting a cat to exercise may seem difficult, but there are a lot of fun and interactive ways for your cat to get some exercise.

To help cats like Mrs. Patmore shed a few pounds, we recommend that they have access at their home to interactive activities such as puzzle toys, cat trees, string toys, and other activities to encourage movement. Also, in addition to helping them stay active, watch how much you feed your cat to help them achieve a healthier weight.