Garth Brooks Reveals the Reason He Doesn’t Sell Tickets For the First Two Rows at His Concerts

On a recent #AskGarth segment of his Inside Studio G Facebook show, Garth Brooks revealed why he never sells tickets for the first two rows of his concerts.

Garth said he “is tired of dealing with ticket scalpers and [disinterested] spectators not really into the music and looking around to see who’s seeing them being there at the show.”

So he came up with a better plan…he reserves those seats himself and then gives them away to fans who had already purchased upper deck seats! Garth says that he sends his crew up to the highest sections furthest away from the stage to pick the lucky concert-goers.

Keep it in mind the next time you buy tickets to a Garth show…if you choose the upper deck you may have a shot at being upgraded to front-row seats!