Dolly Parton Recreates Playboy Shoot For Husband Carl’s 79th birthday! {Watch}

You go, girl!

For the longest time now, Playboy magazine, some magazine that I’ve been told about by older gentlemen. I’ve never heard nor ever seen anything within the pages of a Playboy magazine. So again, don’t ask me any questions about this magazine, I wouldn’t have any idea????

However, I do know that Dolly was on the cover of Playboy back in 1978 and she wanted to do it for her 75th birthday so she created the cover herself!

Dolly told fans in the video, “Today is July 20. It’s my husband Carl’s birthday and you’re probably wondering why I’m dressed like this? Well, it’s for my husband’s birthday,” she said in a video shared on Instagram. “Remember sometime back I said I was going to pose on the Playboy magazine when I was 75. Well, I’m 75 and they don’t have a magazine anymore.”

Dolly continued, “My husband always loved the original cover of Playboy, so I was trying to think of something to do to make him happy. He still thinks I’m a hot chick after 57 years and I’m not going to try to talk him out of that and I hope he agrees.”

She captioned the video, “It’s always #HotGirlSummer for my husband, Carl. Happy birthday my love!”

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