Luke Bryan Opens Up About Tragic Loss of Brother and Sister: “You Truly Never Get Over It”

Luke Bryan is on the cover of People magazine this week where he opens up about the losses he’s faced in life.

“I’ve had so many tragedies in my life,” says Bryan, “it’s almost like you don’t want to tell the story because you don’t want to feel like you’re out there craving sympathy.”

In 1996, his older brother, Chris, was killed in a car accident at age 26. In 2007, his older sister, Kelly, 39, died suddenly of natural causes that are still unexplained.

Seven years later, her husband, Lee, 46, succumbed to a heart attack, leaving behind three children, including a 12-year-old son that Bryan and his wife, Caroline, have since raised.

“You truly never get over it,” he tells PEOPLE. “You truly never settle in your mind that it’s happened. I mean, it’s always there.”

Luke said that he takes comfort in seeing Chris, Kelly and Lee as his guardian angels.

“Maybe Chris and Kelly and Lee have moved some puzzle pieces around to make my life so fortunate,” he says. “When I say my prayers at night, I have to say, ‘Thank y’all for looking after us down here.'”

“If I can inspire people to move on from tragedy, hopefully by my behavior,” he added, “that’s what life’s all about for me.”

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