Tackiest Things We’ve Seen at Weddings

Wedding season has resumed in full force in 2021. I am a big enthusiast of going to weddings, and I do appreciate how different types of weddings have different themes. But with that said, there are certain things done at weddings that I think are just plain TACKY. It doesn’t matter what the venue is, if it’s a super formal or more casual wedding, or how many guests are there. Some things should just never be done at weddings.

The tackiest thing that I’ve ever seen at a wedding was one I went to in 2019. The bride and groom opted instead of a large wedding cake to just do a tiny cake for the two of them, and another dessert for their guests. I have no issue with that- I’ve been to many weddings that did different dessert for the guests. What I did think was a bit odd was the presentation of the dessert for the guests. The catering staff pulled out a few of those big plastic containers of cookies from the Costco bakery… and just opened them and left them out for people to eat! No presentation or anything. Cookies direct from the big plastic container. I’d never seen anything like that in my life at a wedding! It wouldn’t have been that hard to purchase some cheap white or gold colored platters and put the cookies on there, but nope. They had to do it right from the original plastic! 

Check out some of these crazy calls we got about tacky things at weddings: