Dressage Horse Steals the Show, While Going Viral at the Olympics {WATCH} – Big Red

One of my favorite things about the Olympics every four years, are the moments we get that are heartwarming and memorable. From gold medals being won, to athletes emotions as they are grateful to be there representing their country. But one moment from this weekend may just stand out above the rest, and it doesn’t come from a human. Nope, it comes from one of the horses in the competition.

Dancing to the tune of “Calabria” by Mr Lumoss, Team USA’s Four-time Olympian Steffen Peters along with his horse Suppenkasper (Mopsi), who is competing in the Olympic event of Dressage has made themselves the talk of the Olympics this weekend. And this video is one you HAVE to see!

A feel good moment, in one of the more unique Olympic Sports is sure to bring a smile to your face and anyone you show it to. The routine ultimately earned them a 10th place finish, but 1st place in our hearts.