Tyler Hubbard’s Daughter Gives Him Hangover Advice in Funny New Video

Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley celebrated a little too hard over the weekend. He documented a night out on his Instagram story, including a late night trip for some fast food.

Let’s just say that decision was fueled by a few drinks and the next day Tyler was paying the price.

He received some “medical attention” from a “doctor” aka his daughter Olivia.

‘Dr Liv’ told her Dad, “I think you didn’t get enough rest.”

She continues, “You have to get rest. That’s why you feel sick, you didn’t get enough rest.”

Off-camera, Tyler’s wife Hayley asks what Tyler should do if alcohol makes him sick again. Dr. Liv replies that he shouldn’t have alcohol and should have lots of rest. “Thank you,” Tyler replies. “That’s good advice.”


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Tyler has a lot to celebrate. Chase Rice’s “Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen” collaboration with Florida Georgia Line is the number-one single on Mediabase’s country radio singles chart.

Editorial credit: Debby Wong