LISTEN: Tim McGraw Debuts New Song “7500 OBO”

Tim McGraw just dropped a new song called “7500 OBO” which tells the story of the 2006 Ford F-150 that he can’t bear to keep.

The story about a lost love if off of Tim’s 2020 Here on Earth album and mentions two of his other hit songs in the chorus:

Shotgun ridin’ down a two-lane road / Just drivin’ around with no place to go / Us singin’ along to “Where the Green Grass Grows” / Hand’s out the window, floatin’ on the breeze / She’s fixin’ her lips in the drop-down mirror / That pretty little thing made it hard to steer / I’m never gonna get her outta there / There’s too many memories / Now there’s a “For Sale” sign in the window / Yeah, ’cause if I’m gonna let her go, I gotta let it go / Yeah it’s gotta go, so it’s $7,500 OBO

Take a listen:

Tim also revealed that his daughter Aubrey will star in the official music video, set to drop this Friday!