Guys On Dating Apps in Hampton Roads… Why Are You Doing This?

It’s coming up on my fourth week in Hampton Roads, and I figured it’s been about time to give the local dating scene a try. I joined a dating app recently, and have been swiping my way through the 20 and 30-something guys of Hampton Roads. I’ve used dating apps off and on over the years in other cities and states that I’ve lived in, so I’m famliar with how they work.

But… never have I ever used them in an area where there are SO MANY GUYS who post shirtless selfies! Usually taken in the gym or bathroom. (The bathroom ones are the absolute worst… why would women want to see you flexing next to your toilet?) Maybe I’m too old-fashioned or something, but I prefer guys to keep their clothing ON in dating app profile photos- haha!! I was curious if other local women agreed with me, so we took it to the phones this morning on the show. Take a listen!