TikTok User Shares Banana Hack To Prevent Browning, But Does It Work? [WATCH]

Next time you have a banana going ripe too quickly, throw it in the freezer!

@Lilsipper shared a clip on TikTok that quickly went viral garnering more than 448,800 views. In it, she demonstrates how to freeze a whole banana, then use hot water to thaw it. It can then be sliced in half and peeled.

As you can see in the video, the peel turned brown but the banana inside did not.


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But, does it work? Other users chimed in saying yes!

“I do this for my shakes in the morning,” another commenter wrote. “Instead of running it under hot water. I put it in the microwave for 15 sec then flip it and put it in for 10.”

According to the USDA’s FoodKeeper App, frozen bananas can be stored safely in a freezer for two to three months from the date of purchase.