Garth Brooks Is Bringing Back The ‘Dive Bar Tour’ This Fall

Garth Brooks recently cancelled his fall stadium tour due to the rise in COVID-19 cases and he revealed in his latest Inside Studio G that he is planning a “Dive Bar” tour for those who are fully vaccinated instead.

In the Facebook live session, he answered fans questions about why he cancelled the tour saying,What we’re gonna this fall? Dive bars.”

“Because you can fully vaccinate dive bars. People have got to have their card to even get in and the only way to get in through dive bars, country radio… your local country station. The last one we did was in Utah, I gotta tell you, if they all go like that… I die a happy man.”

Garth went on to say, “I’m vaccinated, 100% vaccinated. Everybody on the freakin’ tour, vaccinated. Has to be. We’re all vaccinated but I cannot make you get vaccinated. Until it becomes a law, it is a choice. And people, when things are a choice, you have to understand and respect that we’re all going to make our own choices. You get to, I get to, we all get to.”

No dates have been announced yet.

Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins