Applebee’s Brought Back This Menu Item Thanks to Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like”

Applebee’s has brought back the Oreo Cookie Shake, thanks to Walker Hayes “Fancy Like”.

The popular restaurant chain launched an ad campaign featuring a series of “Fancy Like” commercials.  Walker and his daughter Lela are in them, along with clips of fans who posted their own “Fancy Like” dance videos on TikTok.

And, Applebee’s also brought back the Oreo Cookie Shake . . .for only $2.99!

Walker is having a blast with this.  “I’ve seen all the commercials, and I’m blown away.  I love how [they’re] a continuation of what the song and dance look like on TikTok, and it makes me smile all around.”

And how is his daughter handling the newfound fame?  Walker says, “She has a new shirt that says ‘TikTok Famous’ on it.  It’s her favorite shirt in the house right now.”

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Editorial credit: George Sheldon