Daredevil Deer takes a 50-foot plunge off waterfall and walks away unphased. {Watch}

This reminds of the video of the cat that jumped off the 5th story apartment building that was on fire in Chicago. A cat chilling out in a window seal who, clearly isn’t fazed by the fire until it begins to disturb it’s sleep. Gets up, takes a look down, goes for it, you can hear the people below gasp, the cat nails his landing, walks away to find another spot to sleep. Pretty tough, huh?

Then there’s this guy. This reminds me of an old Popeye cartoon. Someone is always going down the waterfall. This poor deer probably had no idea there was a waterfall, or did he? Regardless, he nailed it and impressed all the bystanders. You go, deer!

Check it out, the deer walked away fine to go be with his deer family.