Watch 13 horror movies in 9 days to score $1300 bucks!

Speaking of scary movies, I watched “Malignant” over the weekend. It was terrible! My wife and I were talking about it and it reminds us of a high budget horrible scary movie. Which is interesting, because that’s what this challenge is looking to debunk. Are horror movies with a larget budget more scary and intense than those with smaller financial backers. You’ll be the one who determines if they are, or aren’t? If you’re willing, ha, ha, ha ,ha…That’s my attempt of a sinister laugh, you know what I was trying to do.

The list of movies that they’re calling the scariest ever are kind of a joke, to me atleast. Here’s what you have to watch, Amityville Horror, A Quiet Place 1 & 2, Candyman, Insidious, The Blair Witch Project, Sinister, Get Out, The Purge, Halloween (2018), Paranormal Activity, and Annabelle.

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