Mystery Revealed: Dan Smyers Explains Why There’s a “Plus Sign” Between Dan + Shay

We finally know why DAN + SHAY has a “plus sign” between their names . . . instead of an ampersand or the word “and.”

Dan Smyers shared the reason on Instagram saying, “The vision from day one was that if we ever got to headline arenas, we’d have a “plus” stage in the middle of the floor and make it do all kinds of crazy stuff.”

“This also kept us from using an [Ampersand] because that would surely be a pain in the ass to build.  At the time, it was such a long shot, but y’all have stuck by our sides through every bit of this journey, and here we are.”

He included several photos from their show at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, and the stage is indeed shaped like a plus sign.

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