Thomas Rhett on Wife Lauren: “I Just Become More Proud of My Wife Every Single Day”

Fans of Thomas Rhett know and love his wife Lauren.  Their epic love story is one for the ages and Thomas says he loves fans reaction to Lauren.

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“I’m just honestly waiting for my wife to become more famous than I am, and then I’m just gonna stop,” jokes Thomas. “I’m just gonna let her do everything.”

In all seriousness, Lauren has never wanted the fame and attention, but Thomas says, “It’s been pretty hilarious to watch how my fans have just gravitated toward my wife so much, and it’s been really cool because my wife is obviously so involved in charitable work and starting a new organization called Love One International, and doing a bunch of work in Haiti and Uganda. I just become more proud of my wife every single day.”


Not only has Lauren used the attention she’s received for good, to raise money and attention for great causes, she’s also written a New York Times best-selling book, been a calming, supportive partner for TR, and she’s about to give birth to their fourth daughter in November.