Lee Brice On His Wife Co-Writing Jana Kramer’s New Song: “It’s Gonna Touch Lives”

Lee Brice is a proud husband!  His wife Sara has written 150 songs in the past couple of years, including Jana Kramer’s recent single, “Voices”.

Lee shared in a touching Instagram post,

“My Sara. This song…This song is your heart. I’ve known it since the day you wrote it. What a powerful message and just so honest.”

“Your Instagram account was hacked and your locked out of it so you can’t even talk about the story of the song. But I know if you could -You would want to thank Jana for believing in and recording it. De’Leah for co-writing it with you.”

“You would want people to know that it’s such a special song to you and came from a extremely personal and passionate place , and you would want to encourage people….You would hope and pray that anyone in this world feeling broken would listen to this and know, “and know” that they are worthy, they are beautifully made and they have a purpose.”

“My love I have no doubt it’s gonna touch lives.”

“But even if one single person is saved from the grasps of this world, social media comparison, or saved from an unhealthy situation, it’s a blessing. I am truly so proud of you baby, I am always so blown away by your heart. I am forever your biggest fan Sara.”

“Voices” was co-written Sara and writing partner Deleah Shane.

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