Priscilla Block Shares How Going Viral on TikTok Led to Her Hit Song “Just About Over You” {LISTEN}

Rising country star Priscilla Block joined The Eagle Morning Show on Friday, Oct. 1st. 

The “Just About Over You” singer talked about her rise to fame through TikTok, how a chance encounter with Taylor Swift inspired her career and how fans helped her record her first hit single.

Cash and Annaliese asked Priscilla about making the move from North Carolina to Nashville and she recounted all the jobs she worked to support herself when she arrived.

Annaliese asked if she ever spotted any country stars around town who helped her along the way and Priscilla revealed how a chance encounter with Taylor Swift inspired her.

It was joining TikTok that ultimately shot Priscilla to stardom.  After she joined the platform during quarantine, her fan base started growing.  Take a listen:

Priscilla told us about writing her hit “Just About Over You” while sick with COVID and how fans helped crowdfund so she could record it!

“Just About Over You” is now climbing the Top 20 of the country music charts!

Check out the official music video below.

Before we said goodbye, Priscilla is a North Carolina native so Annaliese asked a hard hitting question…how would you rank these popular NC food chains?  Cook Out, Bojangles or Krispy Kreme.  Listen to hear how Priscilla responded.