Ohio Man Teams with St. Jude and Shows the World How to Use a 12-Foot-Tall Skeleton. {Pic}

Remember when the news of a 12-foot-tall skeleton was going to drop at Home Depot? Who’ll ever use that?!?! Didn’t they say the same thing about the telephone back in the day? Cool invention who would ever want to use one? Well…

Don’t tell this guy from Ohio that a 12-foot-tall skeleton is a waste of money. He just proved everyone wrong. This is a thing of beauty. What’s up with the giant skeleton arm coming out of the window? The giant skeleton looks like he’s trying break out of the house. Awesome!

This is my dream in life. To own a big enough house where I can house a 12-foot-tall skeleton. Alan Perkis is the man responsible for the Halloween decorations. Better yet, Alan is teaming up with Skeleton for St. Jude to raise money for kids fighting cancer. The fundraising goal is $45,000. For the full story, click here.