Darius Rucker Pranks Fans at Madame Tussauds Nashville {WATCH}

Here’s some Halloween fun for you.  Y’know who dressed up as DARIUS RUCKER and fooled a bunch of people?  Darius Rucker.  He pretended to be a wax figure of himself at Madame Tussauds in Nashville.

He posted the video yesterday.  You see him standing next to wax figures of country stars like Trisha Yearwood, Eric Church, and Reba McEntire, and he looks about the same as they do . . . until he starts moving.

Sometimes it’s just a smile or a nod, but a few times he lunges at people to give them a good shock.

Darius wrote, “Y’all know I love a good prank.  To get into the Halloween spirit, I stopped by Madame Tussauds Nashville to say ‘boo’ to a few new friends.”