Best DIY Halloween Costumes at the Wicked 10k!

This weekend, I had the chance to be one of the costume judges at the annual Wicked 10k race at the Oceanfront! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with people’s costumes. If you dress up for the Wicked 10k you have to run in your costume, and I couldn’t imagine that people wore anything too elaborate since running in a costume sounded difficult. Boy oh boy was I wrong! Most of the costumes were so detailed and creative, and some were really over the top!

Here were some of my favorite costumes:

Bob Ross (yes- he ran with the easel!)
Barbie styling head
Running sneakers
Moderna Dose 1 + 2
Gamestop / Robinhood
My favorite costume- Carpool Karaoke! They had music with them and sang for us!
I went as a judge since I was judging the costume contest! I ran into two Britneys… so we had to get a photo! #FREEBRITNEY