Luke Bryan Gets Pranked on Stage by Runaway June {WATCH}

Runaway June pulled off an epic tour prank on the final night of Luke Bryan’s Proud to Be Right Here Tour last week.

The ladies pretended to have “a cat fight” on stage next to Luke and fellow opening act Dylan Scott.

They were all out on stage together doing a cover of Tim McGraw’s “Down On The Farm” when Naomi and Natalie started to fight over who should be singing lead.

Fellow Runaway June member Jennifer Wayne steps in to calm things down, but instead, it escalates.

Naomi and Natalie start to push each other out of the spotlight, the music stops, and Jennifer reaches over to the side stage where she grabs a pillow and the feathers start flying!

Luke, at this point, realizes it’s a prank and yells, “YOU a***holes…. they just punked my a**!”

Naomi shared the moment on Instagram writing, “Everyone knows pranking @lukebryan ain’t easy. But last night we pranked him and @dylanscottcountry into thinking that Natalie and I were cat fighting over singing lead parts and the band was breaking up on stage in front of God an everybody. I legitimately thought we gave him a stroke. My voice is gone from screaming laughing all night. Got em’ !!

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