Old Dominion’s Matt Ramsey Says He’s Still Recovering From 16 Foot Ladder Fall: “Down I Went”

Old Dominion all squeezed into our small broadcast room from the CMAs and it was a party!

We touched on the story Brad shared on their “Band Van Radio” that his girlfriend did not think was funny.  This was the first time they talked about this incident in public and fair warning, you may not be able to listen to “Break Up With Him” the same after hearing it.  “It’s not a story that’s for every day consumption,” they told us. Listen to the episode here.

Lead singer, Matthew Ramsey, talked about recovering from a horrible accident back in May when he was standing on a ladder 16 feet high and it collapsed!  He fell, landed on the stairs and broke his ribs and punctured a lung.   Although his ribs and lung have healed, he says he also tore a ligament in his hand which is still recovering.

The guys are hitting the road with Kenny Chesney next year and said, “I think that’s the moment that’s it’s actually going to start to feel completely normal again, when we’re back out with him.”


Listen below.