Riley Green Comes Back Out To Empty Area To Meet A Fan {PICS}

Riley Green is out on his We Out Here tour  Huntsville, Alabama when he heard that there was a fan in attendance who wanted to meet him.

The arena had already cleared out but Riley was still backstage so he came back out to the empty arena, save this one fan.

The photos from the sweet moment were shared by Instagram user @justin_crisler who wrote:

“I get to see and do some pretty cool things in the line of work I’m in. This is one of those moments that I absolutely love being able to witness.

After his show, @rileyduckman was informed about a fan wanting to meet him after everyone had already departed the concert. He didn’t hesitate to come back to the arena to visit with this awesome fan.

I love seeing the real side of these performers, the side that many don’t get the opportunity to witness. Proud of you Riley, keep being you!”

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At that same show Riley debuted a new song called “Song on the Radio.”

Listen below.