Guy Gets Too Close To Elk, Elk Teaches Man a Lesson. {Watch}

It’s videos like these that make me think people need to go to school until they’re atleast 25, maybe even 26! How dumb do you have to be? I don’t get it?!?! Where did I miss the information about wild animals being cool to mess with? People are so dumb!

I would see this all the time when I was working in the mountains in New Mexico. Folks on vacation would get real close to bears who would roll through looking for something to eat. When the bears took a bite out of their leg, they were surprised. For real?

I’ve seen Elk in the southwest that are as big as dinosaurs. Well. I’ve never really seen a dinosaur, but I bet they’re huge! These aren’t friendly animals, folks. If you see one, stay away. Or else, I’ll write up a blog about how you had to learn the hard way like this guy. Check it out!