Gabby Barrett Releases New Song Inspired By George Strait {LISTEN}

It’s no surprise that multiple artists have released songs inspired by George Strait recently…he is the KING after all.

Scotty McCreery just dropped “Damn Straight” and now Gabby Barrett has released a new song called “Pick Me .”

The Strait inspired song is one of four new tracks added to the extended version of her album, Gold Mine.

Gabby says, “I didn’t really have a song in my repertoire that was laid-back-Country… a riding down the backroads, while listening to George Strait-type of song. I had to pay homage to George Strait because I feel like I’m being adopted into the Texas family with my husband being from Texas.”

The song was previously released exclusively on Amazon and will be included on Goldmine Deluxe, which comes out on November 19.