Tom Hanks to Star in Yellowstone Prequel Alongside Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Yellowstone fans have one more reason to be excited for the show’s premiere.

Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks will guest star on 1883 alongside Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sam Elliott, and Billy Bob Thornton.

Via Deadline:

A famous photograph of the carnage in the brutal Civil War Battle of Antietam comes to life, with Tim McGraw’s James Dutton character picking himself off the ground following the concussive conflict. A Confederate officer, Dutton can only sit dazed as he surveys death all around him. As Union troops approach, a gloved hand falls on Dutton’s shoulder. He looks up and it is a sympathetic three-star general, inspired by General George Meade. Playing him is two-time Oscar-winner Tom Hanks.

1883 will begin streaming on Sunday, December 19 on Paramount Network.