Kenny Chesney Mourns the Loss of Friend and Football Legend John Madden

The sports world is mourning the loss of NFL Hall of Fame coach John Madden following his death on Tuesday morning (Dec. 28).

Kenny Chesney took to Instagram to pay tribute to his friend and hero saying, “So long to my good fiend John Madden. He was such a big part of the “Boys of Fall” film. We became friends after his interview, and he’ll be missed by everyone that loves the game of football. Thank you, John, for your time and for listening to my song and bringing so many people together on a Sunday afternoon. Rest In Peace, my friend.”

Chesney, an avid football fan, spent more than a year working on “The Boys of Fall,” a documentary about football players and coaches. The movie debuted on ESPN in 2010 and Kenny interviewed Madden for the project.

He told ESPN at the time, “When I first met John Madden, I was so starstruck I could hardly interview him.”