Carly Pearce Performs Her Divorce “Go-Off” Song on The Tonight Show {WATCH}

Carly Pearce made her first public performance of 2022 on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday, Jan. 3rd.

The singer performed a track off her ’29’ album titled “Diamondback.”  Carly described the track as her “go-off” moment in a previous interview with People:

“I think it was the last song I wrote for this project. You try to do the right thing and you try to stay quiet, and I just stopped caring in that moment. I went, ‘Hmm … I gotta go there’ — and I did.

All of the great women that I love as writers and as singers and as performers… Natalie Maines of The Chicks, had those go-off moments. I grew up loving those. 

Miranda writes from such an unapologetic place, Loretta Lynn writes from such an unapologetic place, Kacey Musgraves … so that was my go-off moment.”

In the song, Carly sings about how her ex is never getting her engagement ring back after a breakup and during her performance, an eagle-eyed fan noticed a resemblance between her drummer’s new drum kit and Carly’s actual engagement ring from ex-husband Michael Ray.


Watch the performance below.