Keanu Reeves Reportedly Donated 70% of His “Matrix” Salary to Cancer Research

We have another reason to love Keanu Reeves.  The star reportedly donated 70% of his earnings from the “Matrix” to cancer research.

According to Lad Bible, Reeves donated a portion of his earnings to to aid in the search for a cure for leukemia.  The Matrix star made around $45 million . . . so 70% of that is around $31.5 million!  His younger sister Kim had been battling leukemia for eight years at the time.  She was diagnosed in 1991 and went into remission in 2001.

In other Keanu news, the star is reportedly in talks to star in Hulu’s series adaptation of The Devil In The White City based on Erik Larson’s 2003 book.

Editorial credit: DFree