Maren Morris Reveals the Weirdest Thing In Her Closet [VIDEO]

Maren Morris played a game of 21 questions where the singer revealed her favorite movie, biggest fear, the weirdest thing in her closet and more.

Here a few of the highlights:

3.  What’s one thing you hope to do in 2022?  “I hope to NOT fall on stage.”

6.  Favorite movie to watch over and over?  “I watch ‘Fight Club’ every time it’s on.”

9.  What’s your biggest fear?  “Cockroaches.  If there’s a roach, I will literally heave.”

10.  Wildest thing you’ve ever done.  “I rode in a fighter jet [with] the Thunderbirds.”

11.  What’s a bad habit that you’ve overcome?  “I used to be a really bad nail-biter.  [As] a kid I’d play guitar and bite my nails off so they would stay short, and that transferred to my adulthood, and they looked janky, [but] I feel like I’ve overcome it.”

15.  What’s the weirdest thing in your closet?  “A bunch of fake hair.”

18.  The best advice you’ve ever received?  “Don’t be an [a-hole] on the way up, and don’t be an [a-hole] on the way down.”