B-Sting is a 2-Year-Old Lovebug Waiting for Someone to Love Him Back

It’s Furry Friday and I met ‘B-Sting’ who is up for adoption at Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center.  He is a 2-year-old neutered male, tan and white Pit Bull Terrier mix that was found as a stray and brought to the shelter in September.

He loves giving kisses and climbing into your lap. Just look at him putting his arm around me!  Is your heart melting yet?

The shelter environment has been hard on B-Sting. He has been anxious and overwhelmed with his surroundings.  He would love to be in a foster home while we waits to be adopted.

A foster home provides shelter animals the extra attention and time in a home that they need.

As a foster you can:

  • Learn about dogs’ true personalities in a home environment to boost their adopt-ability

  • Increase the adoption rate of medium and large dogs

  • Give dogs a meaningful break from the shelter environment

  • Create new community engagement opportunities

Consider becoming a foster for a medium or large dog.  NACC will supply food and medical support required during the foster stay. Foster periods can be as short as two weeks (i.e. no long-term commitment).

Please email the NACC Foster Coordinator for more information and be a part of their future success!

Dogs are also available for ‘Nacc Pack Adventures’ from Tuesday through Saturday. Take a dog out of the shelter for the day to enjoy some extra love and attention!

In honor of Betty White’s 100th Birthday, join Norfolk Animal Care Center for a donation drive and adoption event at Reaver Norfolk Saturday, January 15th.

Check out their Wish List and links to monetary donations here: