Watch Bob Saget’s Heartbreaking Last Interview: Comedy ‘Helped Me Survive’

Bob Saget appeared in a posthumous interview on CBS ‘This Morning’ Friday, January 14th.

In the sit down with CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook, the late actor and comedian talked about his work to raise awareness of scleroderma, a rare disease that took his sister’s life in 1994.

In the interview, Saget shared his memories of performing at four years old.

“I would dance in the living room and just start dancing, dancing stupid to make anybody laugh, just like silent film stars,” he said “And I knew some jokes, but it wasn’t really jokes. It was just like, I’ve got to perform, I’ve got to make people laugh.”

He also opened up about how comedy “was a defense mechanism and it truly helped me survive. It helped keep me mentally alive rather than letting [adversity] destroy me.”

Watch a clip below and see the full interview here.

photo credit: Kathy Hutchins/