The Surprise Wedding Proposal in Charlottte!

      For the past few weeks on The Eagle Morning Show, I’ve been sharing updates about the special reason that I was traveling to Charlotte, NC this weekend. One of my best friends, Ciera, was going to be getting engaged! Her now-fiance, Patrick, invited myself and our other good friend Priyanka to be part of the surprise and festivities.

      The impending snow/ice storm in Charlotte over this weekend messed up my travel plans a bit, and sadly I had to leave right after it happened to make it home Hampton Roads before the inclement weather. But I am so happy I got to be there!! This was my first time getting to watch a proposal happen, and it was just magical. Congratulations Ciera and Patrick! The proposal location was the Confetti Hearts Wall, which is located in South End in Charlotte, NC. Enjoy a few photos from their special day below. (My favorite photo is the one of the two of them with the guy taking a selfie behind them- haha!)

The guy behind them cracks me up!!