Tim McGraw Says Sam Elliott Roasted Him On Set Of 1883 After He Forgot His Lines

Oops!  Tim McGraw revealed that his ‘1883’ co-star Sam Elliot roasted him after he forgot his lines on set.

In Tim’s defense, he had a good reason.  He said he was so blown away watching Billy Bob Thornton play his guest role that he flubbed his own line.

Tim told the story on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert saying, “There was a shootout in the second episode where we’re walking down the street, and Billy Bob Thornton’s in it. We walk into the saloon and we’re clearing out the saloon, we’re shooting all these bad guys, and I’m so enthralled… because Billy Bob is one of the most fantastic actors on earth as well, and we’ve been friends for a long time, since ‘Friday Night Lights’.

“So I’m watching the shootout, and so enthralled with Billy Bob’s performance, and I’m watching him do his thing, and I totally forgot I had a line with Sam,” he added. “So I just blow right by Sam and go ‘s–, I had a line with Sam and I forgot it.’”

Tim continued, “So they say cut, and everybody was perfect and we had to do it again because I forgot my line. I walked back to Sam and said, ‘Gosh Sam I’m sorry I forgot my line, I’m supposed to do another line to you,’ and Sam goes, ‘I noticed.’ Then I’m like, ‘Okay,’ and he goes, ‘But I noticed you got the squint down,’ and then I walked off  and realized, ‘Dang, he just jabbed me.’

“So a few minutes later I walk back over and I said, ‘Sam, ya know the squint worked pretty good for Clint Eastwood,’ and he goes, ‘Yeah, it did,’” he concluded.

Watch the interview below.


Later in the interview, Colbert asked the country singer to sing them out to break so Tim broke into his version of “Tiny Dancer” right from his seat.